Fuck with My Brother's Friend

This guy's chilling at the couch when his brother's friend dropped by at his place to look for his brother to chill out. Unfortunately his brother was out of town for the weekend and since they were the only ones at the house, his bro's friend told him something he knew about him which he got from rumors that he likes to suck on cock. He denied it of course and said it was not true and his bro's friend didn't believe what he heard either but what his bro's friend wanted to know if it's true or not. They were the only people in the house so he wanted to see it for himself, if his friend's brother will jump over once he pulled out his cock which depends on what he'll see. He took out his cock and so far so good and he went close and gave it a try in his mouth. He enjoyed that cock in his mouth and his bro's friend liked getting a blowjob also. He was pretty nasty on stuffing that cock in his mouth and they got to took off their clothes and continued the fun. He's taking it deep in his mouth and while doing this, he's jerking off his dick. His bro's friend then nailed his tight ass, let him flipped over to bang him harder. They were sweating but didn't mind at all as they were enjoying the dirty pleasure. They both cum over his stomach and his bro's friend definitely had fun. Chilling out with his friend's brother was worth it and now he knew that those rumors were true as he got to experience it first hand...Click here to watch FULL scene



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