(Halloween) The Bare Fuck Project

The Bare Fuck Project (Halloween Theme):

The story begins as one might expect a story to begin. Young Kip, sitting alone at the table, cup of coffee in hand, and deep in bewildering thought. His good buddy Connor, upon seeing him, notices his furrowed brow. Thus begins Kip's recounting of his terrible nightmare from the night before: a vivid horned, hooved evil doll in his bed. Connor is slightly amused by the dream, but needs to make breakfast, so he leaves Kip alone to work out the meaning. Later in the day Connor comes upon the very same doll in the living room and quickly calls Kip in for a look! Kip enters, immediately frightened as well as hoping this is just a joke by his friend. The commotion brings in two other house mates, Cage and Jared. They stand around the hellish looking doll, wondering what all of this is about. Suddenly, however, they all begin to experience a tingling! .... Click here to watch FULL scene





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