Johnny Forza breeding Seth Johnson tight hole Raw!

Seth Jonson finds Johnny Forza in the kitchen eating his breakfast banana. Seth gets himself a bowl of cereal, but these two studs soon drop the meal in favor of taking care of each other's morning wood. Seth approaches Johnny and begins making out with him - Johnny's boner is popping a huge tent in his white underwear, and Seth wastes no time trying to take care of it! As Johnny hops back onto the cabinet, Seth gives Johnny a terrific blowjob. After a few minutes, Johnny wants some dick in his mouth as well, so he stands up, gives Seth a big kiss, and goes down onto his knees to service Seth. With Johnny's pole still standing at attention, he helps Seth up onto the cabinet top and slowly works in his cock completely raw. It doesn't take more than a few seconds for Johnny to loosen up Seth's eager hole. Johnny starts drilling away hard and deep, enjoying the feeling of barebacking Seth. As Seth gets even more worked up, He and Johnny both get up onto the counter and Seth sits right down on Johnny's fat dick. Holding onto the cabinet for support, Seth works himself all the way down on Johnny's cock, and rides it so good. Seth's own cock is rock hard, too, and it swings like a metronome before Johnny gives him a friendly reach-around. As Johnny gets close to busting a nut, Seth gets down on the floor directly beneath him, and awaits a big load. Johnny delivers, and he shoots gigantic load all over Seth's face. Seth, with his cute face still awash in Johnny's jizz, stands up and cums onto Johnny's face as well. The two morning studs end with a kiss, their faces still glistening with sperm. Click here to watch FULL scene



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