Zeb Atlas: A Private Personal Trainer Session

Zeb Atlas fucking at the gym

I have a newbie gym client and he's excited to workout with me. He's a hot guy and he seems to be interested to have a big body as mine. Perhaps he wants to have big arms so I flexed and showed it to him. I like to get him started by seeing how well he does on certain things. I let him touched my arms and see how he reacted. Yes he liked to achieve similar results and as he felt it, he kissed my arm, then licked on my ass. The training session started and he get to gag my big cock as well and he's drooling to stuff it in his mouth. He bent over so I could insert my dick in his ass and he's pretty submissive. I banged him doggy style and got on top when I laid down on the bench. The more I hit him harder the more he liked my muscle cock! He's so turned on that he unload his cum. Meanwhile I blasted my load on his ass and he liked it. We took the shower together and gave him some tips to get bigger, follow them and he will get there. Click here to watch FULL scene



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